Facility / Ground Support Equipment

Our proficiency in designing facility and ground support equipment has been built on many years of experience with our aerospace clients and from our familiarity with the material handling industry. We have developed methodology over the years to quickly and efficiently put together the right design tailored to our customers’ requirements. Our expertise in facility and GSE design includes:

-Engine transport cradles
-Wing / fuselage transport cradles
-Assembly and storage stands
-Various dollies
-Custom work platforms
-Various manipulation devices

  • Modular Dressing Stand
  • Dressing Stand Prior To Painting
  • Modular Dressing Stand
  • Modular Dressing Post
  • Modular Dressing Stand
  • Modular Dressing Stand
  • Engine Transport Cradle
  • Self Leveling Acces Stairs
  • Wing Transport Cradle
  • Pylon Dolly